Mature Couple

A Generous Dream Come True

Edward and Felicity Jones’* life together had settled into a happy rhythm. Their day-to-day needs were simple, and thanks to sensible planning, their retirement income ...
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retired couple walking dog

Giving in Retirement

Retirement. At twenty, we rarely think about it. At 45, we dream about it. And, at 55 we worry about it. A significant amount of ...
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Wendy and Gordon make plans at table with a map.

Having the Time of Their Lives: An Unconventional Retirement

Finding Enough Time in the Day It is an undisputed fact that there are only 24 hours in every day. It often feels that our ...
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A Different Kind of Legacy

Sherri Grosz, Gift Planning Consultant Over the course of their life together, Doug and Heather Leung* raised a happy family and built up a successful ...
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