holiday party

The Key to Hosting a Good Holiday Party

Growing up, hospitality was very important to Gordon Baergen’s family. His father was a Mennonite minister, so they often had visiting missionaries stay with them ...
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Sherlock Friesen

Random Acts of Generosity

Sherlock Friesen is a long-time Abundance Canada client. He follows a well-thought out Generosity Plan™ that includes making regular charitable donations from his Gifting Fund™. ...
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Living to Make the World Better

Ever since she was a little girl, Christine desired to make the world better. She wanted her life to have a place in the world. ...
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Paying it forward

Pay It Forward: An Oldie But a Goodie

It was the fall of 1992. Our 15-month old daughter’s cry echoed in the church basement. My wife and I did our best to comfort ...
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Smiling teachers

More than a Gift

Carla sat on the porch of the school in the hot afternoon sun. They had had more students show up today than ever before. Her ...
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Couple excited about their dream

Dream Big…And Then What?

Is It Enough to Dream Big? The night before bone cancer took his right leg, Terry Fox lay in a hospital bed reading a magazine ...
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Poloroids of influencers

Generosity Influencers

These days, it’s hard to buy anything without thinking about the influencer that probably sold it to you. Maybe it was a movie star advocating ...
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Man looking at receipt

When giving requires sacrifice

Giving requires sacrifice. When you give something away, you have less than you had before you gave. If you give time to others, you will ...
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Teen volunteers

Camp: a catalyst for generosity

Summer’s Here – Now What? It is the first week of July. Most Canadian parents are aware that their kids have a lot of empty ...
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girl gardening

Summertime, and the Giving is Easy

For many charities, summertime is one of the most difficult seasons of the year. Even though most of us have a bit more time off ...
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