Markets Are Looking Up, and Your Charitable Giving Can Too

Instead of spending fun times at our favourite amusement parks over the past few months, many of us have been riding a different kind of a rollercoaster. Along with ...
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Support Your Favourite Charity with Gifts of Securities

Fred Smith* is a big-hearted man, and has always donated a percentage of his annual income to charity. When the homeless shelter in his city launched a fundraising campaign to construct ...
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A Generosity Mindset

Even though it’s been a few years since my kids were in school, our household still settles back into new routines this time of year. ...
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The True North, Strong and Generous

In 2007, I embarked on one of the biggest adventures of my life. I moved to Ontario from my home in the UK. Like most ...
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The Freedom of Disciplined Giving

Growing up in Enniskillen, Ireland, Albert Elliott learned to practice generosity from a young age. His parents faithfully supported their local church, including encouraging their son ...
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Generosity Full Circle

“I still remember opening the door to that first house and seeing everything was laid out with all the amenities. We felt that warmth. We ...
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Following my Father’s Plan

Laurie Ball feels a deep sense of responsibility when it comes to charitable giving. Her father suffers from dementia, so she has taken on managing ...
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Preparing Your Harvest of Generosity

With non-essential travel restricted this summer, my wife and I have rediscovered the joy of our own backyard. This is certainly a change of pace ...
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Ken and Colleen

Reversal of Fortune

As an engineering student at the University of Calgary, Abundance Canada client Ken Godard never expected one of the most valuable lessons he’d learn would ...
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Henry Friesen

Saving to Give

Savings jars have been around since ancient times, and even though e-transfers and banking apps might be more convenient, families all over the world still ...
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