Markets Are Looking Up, and Your Charitable Giving Can Too

Instead of spending fun times at our favourite amusement parks over the past few months, many of us have been riding a different kind of a rollercoaster. Along with ...
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Support Your Favourite Charity with Gifts of Securities

Fred Smith* is a big-hearted man, and has always donated a percentage of his annual income to charity. When the homeless shelter in his city launched a fundraising campaign to construct ...
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Donating bonds

Donating Bonds: An Efficient Solution in Crisis

Donating bonds is a great option to explore when stock markets drop, and interest rates start to fall. Individuals and corporations that donate publicly traded ...
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Mom and kids at computer.

Dollars and Sense

Good manners tell us that we shouldn’t talk about money because it isn’t polite. At the same time, we are bombarded with constant conflicting messages. One ...
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Building a Foundation in Financial Literacy

By Darren Pries Klassen, CEO This week, children across the country are starting a new school year. Whether it is the first day of kindergarten ...
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Buried Treasure

Lately, I have had several conversations with people about downsizing or simplifying their estates. Some talk about rearranging their financial affairs to make life easier ...
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