Charitable Giving

student march

Engaging the Next Generation in Generosity

Last fall, Greta Thunberg gave a compelling call to action against climate change[1]. She was 16 years old at the time. Greta has Asperger’s Syndrome, ...
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Big family

Start Building Your Legacy Today

Within the charitable sector, there is an understanding that legacy is all about what you do with your money after you die. However, I think ...
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Bob and Anita

Seasons of Generosity

As in life, there are different seasons of generosity. Certainly, the amount of time, money, and energy we can give will vary depending on the ...
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Father and daughter with ipad

Giving Out Loud

You may not feel like it, but when you live generously, you are an influencer. Perhaps not a 2M YouTube viewers influencer, but your donations ...
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Senior Couple

A Radical Financial Plan

A Net Zero Budget A few years ago, retired teachers Doug and Karen, created a radical new financial plan. They were in their seventies and ...
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Spring Clock

Spring Forward Your Giving

Despite our very snowy and cold weather of late, turning my clock forward on Saturday was a nice reminder that Spring is actually on the ...
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Donating Securities to Charity

Why donate publicly traded securities to charity? Historically, donations to charities have been in the form of cash (cheque, e-transfer or credit card). However, as ...
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Alain and Emily

Passion for Giving, Passed Down Through Generations

For Alain Reimer, learning to be generous started when he was a child. “We were taught that giving was just a part of life,” he ...
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A Legacy of Love

Arthur and Beverly* were in love. It had taken years to understand the depth of their connection, but they had found it and cherished it. ...
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Giving a Gift for Now and Later

I love the thrill of giving a gift. Hearing a child’s exclamation of joy. Or, watching a tear run down a loved one’s cheek. There’s ...
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