Greeting neighbours

The Two Sides of Generosity

It sometimes feels like everything has changed over the past few weeks, but as the thousands of parents trapped in the house with Frozen 2 ...
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family gathering

A Family Tradition of Generosity (Part Two)

In Part One, I shared the story of how Heather and Doug Leung wanted to start a tradition of charitable giving in their family. When ...
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Business Owners

A Family Tradition of Generosity (Part One)

Right now, many families are experiencing a new kind of togetherness. The pandemic has suddenly and indefinitely moved everyone’s round-the-clock routines under one roof. Social ...
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Hugo Peters

Radical Generosity

There is a palpable sense of fun in Hugo Peters’ voice when he speaks about his unconventional retirement plan. He wants to give away all ...
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Donating bonds

Donating Bonds: An Efficient Solution in Crisis

Donating bonds is a great option to explore when stock markets drop, and interest rates start to fall. Individuals and corporations that donate publicly traded ...
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Walter and Rose

Simple Giving Near and Far

Closing the Distance: Gratitude, Joy, and Generosity during COVID-19 Simple Giving Near and Far Part Three in Series Read Part One and Part Two here ...
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