Bob and Anita

Seasons of Generosity

As in life, there are different seasons of generosity. Certainly, the amount of time, money, and energy we can give will vary depending on the ...
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Father and daughter with ipad

Giving Out Loud

You may not feel like it, but when you live generously, you are an influencer. Perhaps not a 2M YouTube viewers influencer, but your donations ...
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Senior Couple

A Radical Financial Plan

A Net Zero Budget A few years ago, retired teachers Doug and Karen, created a radical new financial plan. They were in their seventies and ...
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Girl holding garbage bag

Sometimes Trust is a Green Garbage Bag

An Unexpected Lesson in Trust and Giving Lori Reesor knows that trust is a key component in donation decisions. While completing her doctorate thesis on ...
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Wendy and Gordon make plans at table with a map.

Having the Time of Their Lives: An Unconventional Retirement

Finding Enough Time in the Day It is an undisputed fact that there are only 24 hours in every day. It often feels that our ...
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Generosity Matters

March Newsletter

Spring Forward Your Giving Spring has just arrived. That means it’s time to tackle those jobs around the house we often put off. Cleaning out ...
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