Where There's A Will (Part Three)

In parts one and two of this series I looked at the startling fact that over half of all Canadian adults do not have a ...
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Cecil George Harris

Where There's A Will (Part Two)

In Part 1, I shared the cautionary tale of David, a client who for many years did not realize the potential consequences of not making ...
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Where There’s A Will (Part One)

David* did not have a will. He had not made a specific choice not to have one, he had just never gotten around to meeting ...
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Legacy gift

Make a Statement (Part Two)

Practical Benefits of Giving to Charity in Your Will In Part One, I looked at why Paul and Janet decided to leave their entire estate ...
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charitable bequest

Make a Statement (Part One)

Practical Benefits of Giving to Charity in Your Will Your last will and testament are more than just a statement of what to do with ...
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Ed and Sandra

Giving Back with Interest

Ed and Sandra have a different outlook than most when it comes to investing. Several years ago, they created their own ‘Generosity Index’, investing in ...
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