Smith Family

The Family That Gives Together

It’s a new decade, and another Christmas is firmly in the rear-view mirror. We all love to give and make time to spend with loved ...
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organize charitable giving

Organize Your Charitable Giving This New Year

Everyone knows the hard part of making New Year’s resolutions is sticking to them. Whether you want to exercise more, learn a new skill, or ...
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joyful giving

Simple, Joyful Giving

It brings people joy to take part in a holiday tradition of supporting others, and the variety of opportunities for charitable giving this time of ...
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christmas at work

Deck the Halls with Generosity

I like Christmas specials. Each December (and sometimes in between) the kids inevitably watch ‘Elf’, often listed among the most beloved Christmas films of the ...
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top blogs

Your 5 Favourite Blogs of 2019

Our gift planning consultants and leadership team love sharing their stories and expertise with you. We hope you can take a moment to enjoy these ...
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difficult conversation

Hard Conversations Are Worth Having

Wise will planning is much more than just dividing assets after you die or thinking about charitable bequests. The type of assets you have, your ...
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