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This Wednesday, Canadian neighbourhoods will be filled with kids in costumes heading door to door in search of Halloween candy. Treats will be prepared, bells will be rung, doors will be opened, and sweets will be doled out. Whether or not Halloween activities are part of your autumn traditions, this model of giving can be applied to much more than trick or treat.

Year round, Abundance Canada client Hugo Peters greets the canvassers and fundraisers who come to his door with unexpected generosity. It wasn’t always like that, though. As a busy husband, father, and teacher, Hugo had often felt frustrated by the interruptions of people asking for money. Then, a presentation at his local church offered him a new perspective on spontaneous giving.

“I was a bit surprised when the presenter, John Rudy, admitted that he was often annoyed by people ringing his doorbell asking for donations,” says Hugo with a chuckle. “I could sure identify with that!” The speaker went on to share his conclusion that frustration in these situations was actually due to the interruption and the inconvenience rather than the request. So, he started putting aside some money in a safe place near the door just for these one-off requests. That little bit of planning changed his attitude. He suddenly found himself looking forward to fundraisers ringing his doorbell. He loved seeing the look on their faces when he greeted them warmly with a donation already in hand. Hugo was inspired.

“I left the presentation with a completely new perspective and started applying what I’d learned right away.”

Before long, Hugo’s household also had a small jar of money set aside for spontaneous giving. “We found ourselves having fun with the money we were giving away rather than feeling like it was an obligation.”

How do you feel when a fundraiser rings your doorbell? How different would it be if you had a ‘treat bowl’ of donations at the ready? Perhaps with a little planning, we can all be ready to open our doors with a smile and give freely when we are asked.

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