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Archive for October 2017

The Gratitude Perspective

As we close out the month of Thanksgiving, all of us have battled through difficult circumstances at one time or another. These events are different for all of us: the loss of a job, health concerns, financial insecurity, family struggles, grief. In the midst of these times, we feel anything but grateful. However, gratitude is…

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The “Yes” Perspective

When I was a very young girl, I realized that the coloured papers in my mother’s purse could get you things. That was my introduction to money. Growing up, I remained fascinated by the intense influence money has on human behaviour.  The Bible has a lot to teach about our relationship with money. Adopting a…

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Gratitude Adjustment

Adapted from and inspired by Giving With a Pure Heart by Edwin Friesen I adore this time of year when the last harvest comes in from the garden and I can make apple cinnamon rolls, crabapple muffins, and pumpkin scones.  As I worked in my kitchen a couple weeks ago, I could just feel myself completely…

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Trusting Enough To Give

Inspired by the blog You will never have enough by Edwin Friesen Giving with Extra is Easy Recently, I had the opportunity to do some work that gave us a little extra money at the end of the month. That boost made it so easy to pay the blessing forward as a gift to charity.…

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Spirit of Generosity Award

2016 Spirit of Generosity Award Each year, students from Mennonite secondary and post-secondary schools across Canada are chosen to receive a $700 Spirit of Generosity Award from Abundance Canada.  Students are chosen by the school’s faculty based on the their generous nature demonstrated within the school, church or local community setting.  The award is split…

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