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Archive for September 2017

Generations of Generosity

Crafting Kindness Handicrafts vendors at summer farmer’s markets are getting ready to pack up their wares for the season. Many will soon find their way to harvest sales and Christmas markets in the coming months. The trend towards handmade, artisanal gifts reminds me of my grandmother’s intricately knitted afghans and delicately crocheted doilies. Grandma loved…

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Contagious Generosity!

For many years my wife and I raised our family in an older community with many beautiful boulevard trees but very few young families. Despite our best efforts, our neighbours were aloof and at times confrontational. Yet we loved our little home and the family we were building there. Last summer, we made the big…

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The Gift of Joyful Giving

Hope in Dark Times The recent confluence of global political tensions, natural disasters, and everyday stresses has left no lack of things for people to worry about. Most recently, heartbreaking photos of the devastation from Hurricane Irma dominate my newsfeed. Yet, alongside these images of debris and submerged buildings are stories of ordinary people selflessly giving…

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We Make it Simple

Let’s face it. You’re busy. Work. Kids. Parents. Volunteering. It can all add up, leaving you precious little free time. Abundance Canada can help you get some of your free time back. Do you support several charitable causes? You may have to write several cheques, find addresses, stamps and envelopes to send your donations. The Abundance…

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