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Archive for August 2017

The Many Ways You Can Give

When you think of giving, what comes to mind? Writing a cheque to your favourite charity? Or buying an apple from the boy scouts? There are various ways you can give. Here are a few: Giving from Your Income Giving as you earn your income is a way of declaring God first in your finances…

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Enough is Enough

This 2001 article by Old Testament Theologian Walter Brueggemann might be the best article I have read explaining the biblical intentions of God’s creation, the relationship people are to have with one another, and how that manifests itself in the use and sharing of resources. We have reprinted the entire article here. As Brueggemann articulates…

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Conversations about Generosity

Role Models of Generosity Darren Pries-Klassen, Executive Director of Abundance Canada, openly shares the story how his grandmother was a generosity role model and how important it is to model generous living for future generations. At Abundance Canada, we believe in a world where everyone lives generously because generosity changes everything! It changes lives, communities…

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Journey of Generosity

You likely know people who must have a plan in order to complete, or even start, a project. The Internet is filled with articles about why we should have a plan to do almost anything. A plan clarifies priorities, helps you achieve balance, gives you the strength to say “no” to lesser things, helps you…

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