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Archive for July 2017

I Love Chestnut Trees

My wife and I planted a chestnut tree last month—a ‘McNair Horsechestnut’ to be precise. Right now, it is 8 feet high. There is a chestnut tree in downtown St. Catharines near the old United Church. I don’t know how old it is but it stands 40-50 feet high. It is huge; beautiful. I want…

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Continuous Pruning

With the arrival of summer, my wife and I have been enjoying more time outside. Our yard has many different fruit trees, shrubs, and grape vines that provide shade, beauty, and a harvest of berries and fruits. Each year, I prune the old raspberry canes and the odd branches to keep the plants healthy and…

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Voluntary Poverty

Choose Generosity Francis of Assisi’s family was wealthy, and he lived like a typical wealthy young man, enjoying a carefree life of indulgence. Bored at the thought of working with his merchant father, he joined a military expedition against Perugia in 1202. The men of Assisi came under heavy attack in the battle, and Perugia…

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A Lesson on Sharing

A father often took his five-year-old son to their local, minor league hockey games. Each time they went, they saw the same homeless man in the parking lot asking for a handout. The first time, the son asked his dad why the man was asking for money. So his father took the opportunity to explain…

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Sometimes you need to receive

Some time ago, during a morning walk, I found a wallet a few blocks from my house. I looked around, hoping the owner might still be close by, but there was no one. Just me. A peek inside revealed a library card, a health card and $25 in bills. That was it. No credit cards.…

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Undue Influence

Back in 2011, I met with an elderly person to help her with will and estate planning. “Maggie” wanted to name a couple of friends as executors. She also wanted to gift her entire estate to a lone surviving family member, even though Maggie didn’t have much contact with her. She was Upset and Unable…

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