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Archive for June 2017

What a Wonderful World!

Darren Pries-Klassen, Executive Director From the Corner Office This weekend, the nation will pause to reflect on the sacrifices of Canada’s veterans. We will observe the poppies and wreaths, listen to the bugle sound, and pray for a peaceful future. Like many of you, I feel sadness that so many young lives ended much too…

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Support Your Favourite Charities this Summer

The weather is warm and Canadians have vacations on their minds. While lots of us spend time at cottages during the summer months, others are going to some faraway places. Support Your Favourite Charities By all means, enjoy some rest and relaxation, but please don’t forget to support your favourite charity this summer! Charities receive…

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Culture vs the Vision of Genesis

OUR CULTURE What are the “narratives” our culture would have us believe? That we are consumers – “I came, I stayed, I did a little shopping.” That we are self-made individuals who live by the motto, “Look out for numero uno.” That we are masters of our environment and we can exploit it for our…

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