Plan to Give this Summer!

The weather is warming up and Canadians have vacations on their minds. While lots of us spend time at cottages during the summer months, others plan to go to some faraway places.

Before you pack your bags and get away for some rest and relaxation, support your favourite charity! 

Charities receive approximately 30% of their donations in December and only about 4% in July ( This trend can be a problem for many charities, especially small ones.

“This cyclical nature of donations creates a funding shortage for small charities in the summer. Donors may be vacationing with their families, or perhaps they choose to focus their giving during the holiday season, but it’s a real struggle for small charities as their work continues year round. And just like small businesses are considered the backbone of the Canadian economy, small charities are the backbone of the charitable sector. They provide many of the on-the-ground programs and services communities rely on, addressing unmet needs and working to solve social problems” (Canada’s Small Charities Need Your Help This Summer,

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